Storify test

This is to test embedding storify on wordpress.

<script src=””></script><noscript>%5B<a href=”; target=”_blank”>View the story “Occupy London (#occupylsx)をStorifyでロンドンから中継してみる” on Storify</a>]</noscript>


Started Ruby on Mobile

I started new blog called “Ruby On Mobile“. 

At this blog, I will write about my experience playing with Rhodes/Rhosync.

Since I named this blog as “Ruby On Mobile”, I will write about other Ruby related mobile projects and libraries as I find. I am also thinking about learning basic of Android, iPhone and Mobile Website development, so that I can compare which approach suits developing what type of mobile services.

Hello World

Hi, This is my first English blog post. I do blog occasionally in Japanese about European startup and  London Geekevents. This English version is more aimed for technical topics with lots of code samples. Stay tuned!!